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These chapters tackle the complexities of fire behavior that new knowledge is providing. The information is then applied to structure fires and the effects of fire on buildings. Applying this new science to fire attack means understanding fuel, the stages of fire, the critical need to control the oxygen sources in a fire, and the value of cooling a fire before making entry into a structure.

Essentials 7 uses text, photos, illustrations, key terms and plain language to present this content in a format that is easy to understand. The IRK provides instructors an easy way to store and transport all instructional materials to any teaching location.

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The skills videos follow the skill sheet instructions provided at the end of Essentials 7 chapters. The videos are offered in two ways to meet the needs of students and instructors.

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The Essentials 7 Curriculum includes all 27 chapters. Curriculum is available for instructors to download at no cost on ResourceOne. Visit R1. Exam Prep is designed to be used as a self-study tool for students to prepare for comprehensive end of course tests and the written portion of a certification exam. The Exam Prep content is arranged by chapter. All items are multiple choice so the student practices the way they will be tested instilling confidence and reducing test anxiety.

The answers for each question are in the back of the Exam Prep Print.

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This popular student product includes 1, questions divided among all 27 chapters of Essentials 7. Each question is page referenced so the user can quickly find the topic to review in Essentials 7. The Workbook is designed to support classroom and online instruction. It includes more than 3, questions covering all 27 chapters of Essentials 7. It is ideal for homework assignments, activities for the instructor to include in teaching and for review after the initial presentation of the chapter content. Each question is page referenced so the user can quickly find the topic to review.

Students will also find value in using the Workbook if the instructor does not incorporate it as a part of a course. Different types of questions and activities reinforce different learning styles. Question types include:. New Releases. Categories: Physiology Human Biology.

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Description Physiology of Sport and Exercise continues to be one of the best physiology textbooks available for both instructors and students. Now in its seventh edition, it combines research with extensive visual aids. The comprehensive resource offers a simple way for students to develop an understanding of the body's abilities to perform various types of exercise and sport.


Written by a team of distinguished research, Physiology of Sport and Exercise, 7th Edition has been updated to include the most recent position stands, standards and guidelines from the field of sport and exercise physiology. Throughout the text, updated photos mixed with illustrations and medical artwork help readers understand difficult concepts and illustrate how the body performs.

New and updated content for this seventh edition includes additional information on overtraining and exercise addiction. There is also expanded content on fatigue and mobility in aging, as well as new sections on epigenetics, bioinformatics and neuromuscular function.

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This extensive seventh edition continues to offer comprehensive coverage of the complex relationship between human physiology and exercise, while still maintaining an engaging and student-friendly tone. Instructors also have access to an instructor guide, test package, ready-to-use chapter quizzes and presentation package plus image bank. Product details Format Mixed media product pages Dimensions About W. Larry Kenney W. Larry Kenney is a professor of physiology and kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University. Kenney has authored more than papers, book chapters and other publications.

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His research interests include the effects of heat, cold and dehydration on various aspects of health, exercise and athletic performance. Kenney was also president of the ACSM from to He has published 53 chapters, more than peer-reviewed research papers and 15 books on exercise physiology.